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Buy your personalized think and save

The personalized pens are among the advertisinggadgets used as economic and allow to produce in large quantities at low prices . They are the ideal tool to use as a marketing object to give away during fairs and events as it is an article That we all tend to preserve .economicNaturally The More the pen will be Particular , The More the person to whom- it is given will keep it with care. From you will find the personalized pens ideal for any occasion and use According to the customer range to Which it must give as well as number you intendWikaprintas  the to produce.

Print from your personalized pens with your name , logo or image and create some fantastic advertising gadgetsWikaprint

From you will find a very accurate and detailed collection of personalized pens with your logo to Promote the name of your business everywhere ; in fact , you can find inexpensive pens , perhaps When you need to make large quantities for large -scale eventsWikaprint   personalized personalized , Or will more detailed pens such as metal pens , Which are maybe destined to be produced in smaller numbers Because you want to give them  to special customers making part of a much smaller roses.    

All our advertising pens can be Purchased either with personalized or neutral print , maybe Because you want to customize them Because you have to uv or a silk screen . prints your personalized pens from small quantities , usually from just 50 pieces ; on our online  yourself uv or a Wikaprintconfigurator you will find all the Necessary information such as the features , the type of printing , pieces in the package and from here you can Also choose the type of printing . We perform two different types of printing : the classic pad printing pen shaft and at latest on the - innovative generation print with UV prints . The difference between the two lies Mainly in the fact That with the you can make maximum prints to one color in the UV printing we can print the classic four -color process and Therefore is perfect to realize your logo in color withoutpad  printing having to give up your company symbols .

Cheap custom pens : choose the model That suits you best from just 50 pieces .

For Those who are looking for cheap personalized pens That is, classic pens to give away in large quantities at fairs or events , offers you ballpoint pens . Our advice is to focused on the pen with code PD343 or PD218 as it is the best selling for the excellent value for money, you , WikaprintCan Also choose the model PD091 Which slightly more expensive than the previous two as  it Also has the rubber pad for touch screen but at the same time it is more Particular and surely your customers will appreciate it.  

Practical guide to creating custom pens with your name in an effective and clean way

Wikaprint advises you to carefully choose the print you want to make on your company gadgets knowcan have a great product That Can Promote and publicize your brand in the best way. We Often see around custom pens made with faded writing or with colors That do that  you not bring out the logo Compared to the color of the pen stem as it prints tone on tone , this in our opinion is of little use to your company image as you transmit an image of you unprofessional and with little attention to detail . For this reason , always entrusted to professionalsfor printing your gadgets , Operates in the world of online Wikaprint printers many years and has succeeded in Establishing itself in the graphic arts market Mainly thanks to the quality of its products and the excellent quality -price ratio offered . In fact , working for many retailersfor we can help meeting their every need from print to delivery.can not

Ordering is quick and easy , with you can print your personalized pens qu